Sunfood Marine Phytoplankton Drops (1oz)

Sunfood Marine Phytoplankton Drops (1oz)

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Sunfood Marine Phytoplankton. Ultra concentrated, in liquid dropper bottle. For nutrients, trace minerals and naturally occurring vitamins. 1 fl oz. 


 - Trace minerals for health and energy support
- Improves cellular repair
- Detoxification support

- Mix into any smoothie, drink, or raw food dish
- Also taken on the back of the tongue, 2 or more times each day, start with 2 drops at a time
- May be taken more frequently and in greater amounts depending on your personal needs.
- Bee Pollen, Cacao, and Wild Jungle Peanuts are also friends of Oceans Alive. Experiment and see what new Superfood Synergies you can create
- As a kids' vitamin supplement -- safe, chemical/additive-free, efficacious and no swallowing of pills required


Ingredients: Marine Phytoplankton, Nannochloropsis gaditana, Pure ionic trace sea mineral solution

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