i-Detox Organic Enema Coffee (1lb)| i-Detox 有機灌腸咖啡粉 (1磅)

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While this 100% organic coffee (traded with small farmers at fair prices) is good for drinking, this specially engineered coffee is intended for coffee enema, which is performed to stimulate bile flow and assist liver detoxification.

Coffee enema has been used by health practitioners world wide to assist detoxification and restore wellbeing.  It has been made well known also largely because it is an integral part of the Gerson Therapy, which has supported healing of many patients of cancer and other serious diseases.

100% certified organic specially engineered to have the highest levels of caffeine and palmitic acid required for the most effective coffee enema.



雖然此百分百有機咖啡絕對適合飲用 (以合理價錢向小農民公平交易)但此咖啡是專為咖啡灌腸而製咖啡灌腸用以刺激膽汁流動來協助肝臟排毒咖啡灌腸獲全球健康從業員的廣泛使用有助排毒及重拾健康咖啡灌腸廣為人知的其中一個原因是它是葛森療法(Gerson Therapy)的一部分此療法曾幫助治療不少癌症和重症病人