PIC Solution Home Enema bag| PIC Solution 家用灌腸袋

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#lang1:Use this enema kit to administer a lower bowel flush at the comfort and privacy of your home. The plastic bag has a 2 litre capacity with a graduated scale, anal cannula for enemas and a vaginal irrigation cannula. The collapsible bag enables easy storage when not in use. The kit is reliable, user-friendly and reusable - excellent value for money.


- Enemas help to rinse out the waste, toxins and bulk , which has accumulated in the colon
- Adding coffee to enema can help stimulate bile production, enhancing liver detox



使用 PIC Solution家用灌腸袋,讓你在家中清洗下腸道,舒適私密。灌腸袋容量達兩公升,袋上有刻度,另有灌腸用的肛門插管和陰道清洗插管。灌腸袋可摺疊,不使用時易於存放;可靠、易用,可循環可用,物超所值。



- 灌腸有助排清積存大腸中的廢物、毒素和縮便

- 配合咖啡灌腸能刺激膽汁分泌,促進肝臟排毒