One Organic Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Extra virgin and 100% cold pressed at below 45C to preserve the most nutrients
  • Certified organic with USDA (USA), Organic EU (Europe) certificates
  • Now-refined, bleached or deodorized
  • Zero trans-fat, cholesterol-free and non-hydrogenated
  • Rich in Lauric acid and MCTs
  • Suitable for raw food and vegan diets
  • Product of Thailand
  • Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight
  • Coconut oil will naturally solidify below 25C

Fuel Your Body and Radiant Skin and Shiny Hair

  • MCT's in coconut oil are readily converted into ketones for energy for the body instead of stored as body fat
  • Lauric acid (also found in breast milk) is antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral
  • Beneficial to metabolism and maintenance of blood sugar level
  • Assist digestion
  • Readily absorbed with out any greasiness; perfect for both face and body
  • Restore the hydrolipidic film of skin 
  • Recharge and revitalize to promote a youngful appearance
  • Create a natural barrier against germs and UV
  • Enhance the natural shine of hair


  • As cooking oil or butter substitute
  • Skin & lip moisturizer: Warm a few drops of coconut oil between balms; massage onto face or body 
  • Hair nourisher: Apply appropriate amount on hair (avoid scalp); or as hair mask by leaving in for 15 min then rinse out
  • Oil-pulling


One Organic有機特級初榨椰子油

  • 特級初榨和100%冷在低於45℃按下保存最營養成分
  • 有機認證美國農業部(美國),歐盟有機(歐洲)證書
  • 現在提煉,漂白脫臭或
  • 零反式脂肪,不含膽固醇和非氫化
  • 含有豐富的月桂酸和的MCT
  • 適合素食和生機飲食
  • 泰國產品
  • 儲存在室溫和避免陽光直射
  • 椰子油自然會凝固在25℃以下


  • MCT的椰子油很容易轉化成能量的身體,而不是作為身體脂肪存儲
  • 月桂酸(也發現母乳中)是抗菌和抗病毒
  • 有利的代謝和維持血糖水平的
  • 幫助消化
  • 容易與任何油膩吸收;完美的為臉部和身體
  • 恢復皮膚的水脂膜
  • 充電和振興,以促進youngful外觀
  • 創建針對細菌和紫外線的天然屏障
  • 加強頭髮的自然光澤


  • 作為烹調油或牛油替代品
  • 皮膚及唇部保濕:暖幾滴香油的椰子油;按摩於臉部或身體
  • 頭髮滋養:取適量塗抹於頭髮適量(避免頭皮);或者留在15分鐘發膜然後用清水沖洗出來
  • 油拉


  • 500 ml - HK$155.00
  • 1L - HK$238.00