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About Bio Resonance with RAYONEX


There are several frequency spectra that can regulate our body. For example, the frequency spectrum of sunlight regulates vitamin D balancing, pigmentation and formation of melatonin.  

The Rayonex Bio Resonance system was first developed in Germany by Paul Schmidt in the 1970’s to optimize the body’s ability to self regulate and restore balance with frequency spectrums.

Most of us spend about one third of our life in our bed. If our sleeping place is subject to high electric, magnetic or pulsed fields, these can disturb our sleep, a period when we are designed to restore and regenerate, it can have long term negative effect to many aspects of our health. 

Rayonex Biofield forming devices generate bio-electromagnetic fields, which offer protection for your work place and your home. They are designed to emit frequencies that strengthen and regulate our immune system.They can boost our energy and strengthen us against stress from electromagnetic radiation produced by radio-frequencies which are virtually everywhere around us living in an urban environment.

Rayonex HF Rayex

Pulse-modulated radiation from mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless routers or Bluetooth connections can be found in our highly technological world virtually everywhere. Whether in the office or at home – and unfortunately also in the bedroom - we are often exposed to these fields throughout the day. When examining people who were exposed to pulse-modulated fields for a long time with Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, you will always find the same resulting regulation deficits.

Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt describes these deficits through a total of six special fundamental frequency values (22,50; 34,57; 65,11; 78,65; 86,85; 87,79).

Exactly these six fundamental frequency values have been integrated into the six dipole antenna systems of the HF-RAYEX in accordance with the principles of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt and can be harmonized in the organism.

The HF-RAYEX  can be cleaned with a wet cloth. A wash under running water is not required.

Experiments showing the effects of bioresonance on cell metabolism can be seen in a study featuring the Mini-Rayonex


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來自手機,無繩電話,無線路由器或藍牙連接的脈沖調制輻射可以在我們高度技術的世界中幾乎無處不在。無論使用這種類型的數據傳輸,這些字段都存在。無論是在辦公室還是在家裡 - 不幸的是在臥室 - 我們經常暴露在這些領域全天。當根據Paul Schmidt檢查暴露於脈沖調制場的人長時間與Bioresonance一起時,您將總是發現相同的結果調節缺陷。

根據Paul Schmidt的生物共振通過總共六個特殊基頻值(22,50; 34,57; 65,11; 78,65; 86,85; 87,79)描述了這些缺陷。

正好這六個基本頻率值已經根據根據Paul Schmidt的生物共振原理被集成到HF-RAYEX的六個偶極天線系統中,並且可以在生物體中被協調。




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