Young Living is a company with a long history in innovative product development and high quality established in the 1990's. It is known for its therapeutic quality essential oils (which can be used as supplements and herbal medicine that is many times more concentrated than dry herbs or tinctures), nutritional supplements and personal care products infused with essential oils.

You can buy Young Living products from qualified retailers such as us. Alternatively, you can order online from Young Living as their member, and this option allows you to order from anywhere in the world. 

The full range of Young Living products (globally) consists of over 400 items.

In fact, the Hong Kong market has more than 200 products from Young Living's global product list. Those are the ones you can purchase from our shop. (You can come to our classes or our shop to check them out.)

Most of the nutritional supplements from Young Living are infused with therapeutic essential oils and are impressive in the support of hormone balancing, detoxification, healthy immunity and so on. The skin care and personal care products are generously infused with therapeutic quality essential oils.

We can help you set up your own Young Living account so you can order these products for personal use purpose.  

For that you can sign up either as a "Retail Customer" or "Wholesale Member".  And we feel we need to let you know so you can choose.  You do NOT need to "distribute" any products to obtain wholesale pricing. The company does not spend a lot in marketing and hiring sales rep, instead they reward its happy customers who refer.


Wholesale Member

  1. Enjoys 24% off retail price
  2. NO obligation to distribute any products, or to order every month 
  3. Has the potential to earn commissions from referring 
    (Referring is entirely optional and most Young Living “distributors” are users who want to enjoy a better price)
  4. Eligible for joining the Essential Rewards program (can save more)

Retail Customer

  1. Pays FULL retail price (the price we sell at)
  2. Do NOT qualify for commissions 
  3. Is not eligible for the Essential Rewards program 
    (One can request to change their Retail account to be a Wholesale account with Young Living anytime.)


Click on images below to view Full Product Guide (Left) or the Hong Kong Product Guide (Right) - 




(Please check with us or Young Living the most current product list and availability.  These product lists are for reference only.)


Contact Us to help you or create your Young Living Account here >>>



Please fill in #1360570 in both the Enroller and Sponsor field as you create your account on line. 

 And email us so we can follow up with you and provide support. 

If you want to SAVE EVEN MORE than the 24% off, we recommend the Essential Rewards program. Click here for details >>>


Additional note: 

1. It does not matter where your account is set up, you can order products with Young Living and specify delivery destination in all regions it can deliver to.

2. If you are setting up your account in Hong Kong, there is no need to fill in the social security # or postal code (just enter "NA" or something).

3. You can request to change location later if you relocate. 

4. The choice of starter kits depends on where your account is set up. Click here to view Starter Kits available for Hong Kong. 


Benefits of creating your Young Living account with i-Detox:

1. Receiving on-going product usage guidance

2. Getting support from us for your contacts who want to learn more

3. Enjoying administrative and logistic support in managing your Young Living orders (e.g. consolidating your i-Detox orders and Young Living orders in one delivery to you)


If you want to SAVE EVEN MORE than the 24% off, we recommend the Essential Rewards program. Click here for details >>>



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Young Living 成立在九十年代,長久以來以創新及高質的商品服務顧客。當中以治療效用的精油(可當作營養補充品和草藥,效用比藥草或藥酒濃縮幾倍)、營養補充品和加入了精油的個人護理品。

你可以從不同優質的零售商,如我們,購買Young Living的產品。你也可自行上網註冊成Young Living的會員,這樣你就可以從世界各地落單。

Young Living 的產品多達400種。我們不可能把它們全都放上貨架。

事實上,香港市場有200多種產品來自Young Living全球的產品清單。 這些是您可以從我們的商店購買的。(您可以來我們的課程或我們的商店來試這些產品。)

Young Living 大部分的營養補充品都加入了治療效用的精油,對荷爾蒙平衡、排毒、保持免疫力都十分有效。護膚品及個人護理用品亦加入了大量的精油。而我們可以協助你設立Young Living 的帳戶令你可以購買這些貨品自用。

你可以登記成為「零售顧客」或「批發會員」。我們認為您需要理解他們的責任。你不需要「批發」任何貨品以獲得批發價格。Young Living 並不著重宣傳,你只需要介紹Young Living 的貨品給其他人就可。



  1. 享有零售價八六折優惠
  2. 沒有義務批發任何貨品或每月都需要下訂單
  3. 可透過介紹其他人成為會員賺取佣金(介紹是完全自願性的,而Young Living 的「分銷商」是能夠享受更多優惠的人)
  4. 能夠加入基本獎勵計劃


  1. 付出零售價
  2. 不能賺取佣金
  3. 不能參加基本奬勵計劃

(你可以隨時向Young Living要求轉為批發會員)





(以上列表只用作參考,詳情請向我們或Young Living查詢) 

聯絡我們去協助你或註冊成為Young Living 會員>>>



當你註冊時,請填寫 #1360570 在招募人和贊助商欄,然後寄電郵給我們讓我們可以替你跟進。





  1. 不論你從哪裡設立帳戶,你都可在Young Living 的送貨範圍中設定送貨目的地
  2. 如果你是在香港註冊成會員,你不用填寫社會安全號碼(social security #)或郵區編號( postal code)
  3. 如果你搬遷或移民了,你可以要求更改地點
  4. 入門套件會跟據你註冊的國家或地區改變。按此瞭解香港入門套件


透過我們設立Young Living 帳戶的益處


  1. 獲取持續、貼心的產品指導服務
  2. 對希望瞭解精油或健康更多的您給予更多的知識和資訊
  3. 在管理Young Living 的訂單時享受行政及運輸便利(如合併i-DetoxYoung Living 的快遞)