VIP Benefits



We would love for you to become our VIP members!

The followings apply to all VIP members, whether you have achieved your VIP status through joining our detox program or through meeting the spending requirement.

Product Purchase Benefits:



1. Receive product discount on most products, events & services  (10% off most food products and mostly 5% off appliances and others)

2. Get priority for all i-Detox events sign-up

3. Enjoy complimentary VIP events like film viewing and other educational events

4. Free Delivery above spending of HKD 500 (or $50 delivery charge for below HKD500)

On-going support to your wellbeing:



1. 5% off (or more) for further consultation and coaching with our founder Anita Cheung

2. 10% to 20% off to colonic and far infra red sauna sessions at Natural Path (service vouchers purchased through i-Detox)

3. Extra 10% off to purchasing maintenance breakfast smoothie pack for 3 months

4. Periodic exclusive offers, events & promotions

5. Discounts (or free trial) on many services, e.g.

- complimentary personal fitness coaching session

- air quality test

- free trials at fitness and health centres

More offers being negotiated for our VIP members – please inquire or stay tuned to VIP news.

Gain (more) “Health Bucks” by Referring Your Friends:



We know how much you want people you care about to enjoy the benefits you got from using our products and services.  We know you refer not because you can gain anything but you have the intention to help people.  For this gesture, we still want to THANK YOU for your support! And here’s how we say our “thank you” when you send us a new customer:

1. To do the Superfood Detox program (group or private)

Receive HK$300 store credits (which you can use on products or services) for every referral you send to any of our detox program

2. To become our new customer

Receive HK$300 store credits for any NEW customer you send our way when he/she spends over HK$5000 (which qualifes them to become our VIP)


    i. We always ask new customer how they have found out about us and we go by what they tell us to determine the referral source.

    ii. Referral “health bucks” are only given to referrer for NEW customers (i.e. not already in our system) sent to us.

    iii. “Health bucks” are sent as Gift Certificate via email with a voucher code.


Detox VIP Benefits



You will become our "Detox VIP" once you join one of our well-known nutritious Superfood Detox Programs.  In addition to all the VIP Benefits above, Detox VIPs enjoy the following exclusive benefits -

Support for Repeating Detox:



For health maintenance generally we recommend doing your Superfood Detox 1 to 3 times a year. We continuosly improve our detox programs and product inclusions, and our team is also continuously upgrading ourselves professionally, in order to provide you the best possible support on your wellness journey.

Only Detox VIPs receive the following preferential offers below.

As our Detox VIP, you

1. are eligible to the latest updates to the detox programs whenever you repeat your detox.

2. only pay for re-detox kit products (only available for purchase by Detox VIPs) but enjoy email support from our office when you let us know you are repeating your detox

3. (with purchase of the re-detox kit or detox related products of similar value) enjoy complimentary 30-minute nutrition and wellness assessment with Anita to adapt your program – up to 2 times a year, after your initial detox

4. enjoy complimentary access to any of our Superfood Open House/Intro to Detox event (registration required) – perfect for refreshing your memory as well as bringing new friends to be informed and inspired

5. will be the first to enjoy new services at preferential rates (current new services – TCM Hand Diagnostic and Emotional Coaching)

The current compliementary re-detox health assessment includes TCM based Hand Diagnostics which allows us to assess your state of health and provide more customised holistic nutritional advice integrating what we already do (Blood Type, Metabolic Typing etc)

All past detox clients who have not experienced the additional “Emotional Coaching” service enjoys trial price $550 for a full hour session (valued at $1000)


How to become a VIP?



  • Spend over HKD 5,000 within 3 months
  • Spend over HKD 5,000 in one transaction including deposit to be used as future credits
  • Participate in one of our 9-Day Detox Programs (become our “Detox VIP”)


While i-Detox intends to cultivate goodwill and provide maximum benefits for its members, we reserve the right to final decision in case of disputes regarding membership benefits. 







1. 於購物,參與活動時可獲取折扣(食物貨品可獲取九折,家電及其他貨品可獲取九五折)

2. 能優先報名i-Detox的所有活動

3. 免費參加會員活動,如電影觀賞會及其他教育活動

4. 購物滿$500可免費送貨(如不足$500的貨品需給予$50的送貨費用)




1. 以九五折(或以上)的優惠與我們的創辦人Anita Cheung作進一步諮詢和接受指導

2. 以8至9折的優惠在Natural Path參加結腸或遠紅外線桑拿(在i-Detox購票)

3. 可享有額外9折如果客人持續3個月購買早餐滑昔包(smoothiee pack)

4. 週期性特別優惠,活動和推廣






會有更多給予VIP會員的優惠 ﹣ 請留意VIP的資訊






1. 參加超級食物排毒計劃(小組和個人)


2. 成為我們的新客人



    i. 我們會問每一位新客人如何找到我們,並且根據他提供給我們的資訊作出記錄

    ii. 轉介朋友的「健康分」只是給予轉介新客人的舊客人(不是已經在我們的記錄裡)



排毒 VIP 的好處



你參加超級食物排毒計畫,你會自動成為我們的「排毒VIP」 ,除了以上所有VIP的好處,排毒VIP可以獲得更多的特別好處﹣





我們建議每年舉行1至3次的超級食物排毒計畫來維持身體健康。 為了讓我們的服務達至最佳,我們持續改善排毒計畫的內容,並且我們的員工會持續進修自己。



1. 有資格在你再次參加排毒計畫時更新最新的排毒計畫

2. 只需要支付排毒包的費用(只有排毒VIP才可購買),當你需要再次排毒時, 可以透過電郵姿詢我們專業團隊的意見

3.如果購買再次排毒或排毒相關的產品,可獲得一次30分鐘的營養和健康評估和Anita 的建議以適應你的計劃

4. 免費參加我們任何一次的超級食品展覽或其實排毒活動(需要登記)﹣可以恢復你對排毒的記憶或可以邀請新朋友參加

5. 能夠第一時間在優惠價格享受新服務(現時新服務﹣中醫手部診斷和情感輔導)








  • 在3個月內消費滿HKD 5000
  • 在一單過消費滿HKD5000,可當作存款作未來使用
  • 參加9日排毒計劃(成為排毒VIP)