About Bio Resonance with RAYONEX

There are several frequency spectra that can regulate our body. For example, the frequency spectrum of sunlight regulates vitamin D balancing, pigmentation and formation of melatonin.  

The Rayonex Bio Resonance system was first developed in Germany by Paul Schmidt in the 1970’s to optimize the body’s ability to self regulate and restore balance with frequency spectrums.

Rayonex Biofield forming devices generate bio-electromagnetic fields, which offer protection for your work place and your home. They are designed to emit frequencies that strengthen and regulate our immune system.They can boost our energy and strengthen us against stress from electromagnetic radiation produced by radio-frequencies which are virtually everywhere around us living in an urban environment.

5G Mini-Rayonex  

Rayonex Biomedical GmbH has been producing the portable MINI-RAYONEX for over 35 years. More than a 100,000 units have been produced so far. For the MINI-RAYONEX, an impressive collection of testimonials from various users has been created on Amazon, because it is just as popular there. 

Since the new 5G standard for mobile network carries out so-called "beamforming", i.e. if the transmitting beam of the antennas is steered at the cell phone of the person using it, Rayonex Biomedical GmbH was looking for a mobile solution to help the organism cope with this 5G radiation.

The solution - the new 5G MINI-RAYONEX

The new 5G MINI-RAYONEX builds on the previous Mini-Rayonex and its fundamental frequency value of 12.5.  In addition, however, it contains a further fundamental frequency value, which in our experience is always required when you are under the influence of a 5G network.

The new 5G MINI-RAYONEX therefore contains two fundamental frequency values of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt: firstly, the fundamental frequency value 12.5, and secondly the most important 5G fundamental frequency values via two dipole antenna systems of Bioresonance according to the principles of Paul Schmidt.

There are extremely interesting in-vitro studies on the dipole antenna system of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, i.e. examinations, the results of which were obtained under laboratory conditions. The studies can be viewed at www.rayonex.de/our-service/scientific-research-and-knownledge .

Since the MINI-RAYONEX 5G has the same size as a previous Mini-Rayonex, it can be comfortably and very easily worn on the body, e.g. in your pocket or handbag. 

Instructions for use: The 5G Mini-Rayonex is ideally placed with the label facing up on a flat surface near the body, especially during sleep. Due to its unique design, it can also be carried in pockets or bags, with frequencies emitting from the side with the label. It has an effective radius of around 2 metres.

Each 5G Mini-Rayonex has been hand-made in Germany under the strictest quality control. Cleaning by a moist cloth is sufficient for preventing the accumulation of dust and dirt.

Experiments showing the effects of bioresonance on cell metabolism can be seen in a study featuring the Mini-Rayonex


Tip: The 5G Rayonator in combination with a Duplex IV has proven itself as a stationary device for the home, the office or the practice.

*Please contact us if you would like a demonstration before buying!

Rayonex Biomedical GmbH 已經生產 Mini-Rayonex 超過30年了。到目前為止,已經生產了10萬多個單位。

根據我們的經驗,有許多其他頻譜,能夠激活我們的有機體的規定,如陽光的頻譜調節維生素D平衡,色素沉著和褪黑素的形成。根據Paul Schmidt的生物共振原理,基本頻率值12.5通過偶極天線系統被集成到 Mini-Rayonex 中。細胞生物學研究揭示這可能對細胞代謝和生物體自我調節的基本調節能力具有非常積極的影響。

5G迷你能量 (5G Mini-Rayonex)

我們6年前推出了增加能量的「迷你能量」,現已推出加強版「5G迷你能量」,內置兩組兩極天線 (dipole antenna),發放兩個能量頻值,除了一個宇宙基本能量頻值,促進細胞製造ATP (三磷酸腺苷) 增加能量,再加一個被試驗出在5G電磁波壓力下最需要的頻值,讓身體更好抵禦5G電磁波的影響。

5G迷你無需用電或保養,抹掉塵埃保持清潔就可長年使用,永久性發放能量鞏固體內平衡 (homeostasis)

德國 Rayonex 公司三十多年來致力研發生物共振非入侵性產品,數年前發佈體外實驗,證明「迷你」能在24小時令細胞正常的新陳代謝增加達45%。傷口痊癒率在三天內相對提升20%。以下網頁載有研究報告:


顯示傷口癒合的相對速度有以下短片為證,該一分鐘短片屬時間推移視頻的製作 (time-lapsed video)。


使用說明:隨身攜帶,放在工作檯及睡床旁邊,有助我們在高頻電磁波轟炸下都可以精力充沛,氣定神閒,活動得更起勁,休息得更深層。 躺下時,只需將 5G MINI-Rayonex 與身體或動物接觸(距離身體最遠2米),並確保標籤面朝上 - 最好在夜間。將 5G MINI-Rayonex 攜帶在包中時,標籤必須指向遠離身體的位置。



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