Barlean's Organic Greens Chocolate Silk Flavor (270g)| Barlean’s 有機青蔬植物粉-絲滑巧克力味 (270克)

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Barlean's new Chocolate Silk Greens are the absolute easiest and most delicious way to fuel your family's vitality and energy with more than 50 super foods and supplements.

MEGA 5,000 ORAC antioxidant value per serving- Delicious chocolate flavor made with 100% natural cocoa powder - Perfect super-nutrition for the whole family - kid's love it! - Zero sugar - sweetened with all-natural stevia leaf extract - Perfect replacement for sugar-laden chocolate milk and hot chocolate - Delicious hot or cold - Dairy and Soy-Free Barlean's Chocolate Greens was designed to nutritionally support: - A clean and health digestive system* - Increased energy levels* - Enhanced mental acuity* - Balanced pH in the body*


Suggested Uses:

Simply put one scoop in 8 oz. of water or your favorite milk alternative. For best results use blender or shaker cup. Take Barlean's Greens any time to jump start your day.



Barlean’s 的新朱古力絲滑有機青蔬植物粉包含超過50種超級食物及補充品,是推動您和您的家人精力及能量最方便最美味的方式。 


- 每服用量的氧化自由基吸收能力值高達5000

- 以100%天然可可粉製成的可口朱古力味

- 適合全家的完美營養來源-小孩們都喜歡!

- 零糖份-以全天然甜菊葉提取物增甜

- 熱冷皆美味可口

- 不含乳製品及大豆


Barlean’s 的朱古力植物粉的營養是特別為支持以下各項而調配:

- 潔淨健康的消化系統*

- 增加能量水平*

- 提升頭腦敏銳力

- 平衡身體的酸鹼度



只需放1勺於8安士的水或您最喜愛的牛奶取替品。用攪拌機或搖杯以達最佳效果。任何時候都可服用Barlean’s 植物粉,特別是作為每天的開始。