Benker Rayonator with 0.2m connecting cable

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The Benker grid is one of the global grids discovered in the last century and is considered a source of geopathic stress that can impact on the health of humans, plants and animals.

While the Benker lines and crossings are not well understood, it has been observed that people who sleep on such lines and crossings for long periods of time tend to experience health issues.

Depending on the polarity of the lines or crossings (meaning the intersections of the lines), the person may have poor sleep quality, be of low energy, or on the contrary feel hyper and agitated.  It is often found that after a person has moved his bed away from the Benker lines or crossing, his conditions is significantly improved.

The Benker Rayonator is designed to be connected to the Duplex IV and to emit frequencies that can particularly strengthen humans to the geopathic stress caused by the Benker grid field.    

The Benker Rayonator does not cause any changes to the Benker grid fields. Instead, it strengthens a human's regulatory system and provides a compensatory, beneficial effect.

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