Goli Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies (60 pieces) | Goli Nutrition 有機蘋果醋糖 (60粒)

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Goli Nutrition only uses high quality apple cider vinegar and other ingredients to make sure Goli Gummy is the best it could possible be.  

Improves Complexion: The ACV with the mother, inside our Goli Gummy restores the skin's natural acidity, which in turn helps it look healthier.

Detoxifies the Body: Use Goli to help your body battle toxins.

Helps With Digestion: The prebiotic characteristic of the ACV Goli uses helps clean out your digestive system and will help you maintain a healthy digestive system.

Helps Reduce Weight: Goli will help curb your appetite and aid in your weightloss journey. How? Scientific studies have shown that those who consume ACV experience greater weight loss compared to those who don't.

Strengthens the Heart: The vitamins and ACV in Goli promotes a healthy heart by maintaining a healthy cholesterol range.

Enhances Energy: Control your blood sugar levels with Goli and experience better and cleaner energy.

Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin B12, Beetroot, Citric Acid, Apples, Vitamin B9, Pomegranates

- Gluten-Free
- Vegan 
- Non-GMO 
- Organic
- Unfiltered


Goli 軟糖採用最高品質的蘋果醋和其他營養成分,以確保 Goli 成為最好的軟糖



改善膚色 - Goli 軟糖的蘋果醋和醋母,可恢復皮膚的天然酸度,從而讓肌膚看起來更健康

幫助身體排毒﹣食用 Goli 軟糖幫助身體抵抗毒素

幫助消化 - Goli 蘋果醋使用的益生元特性有助於清理腸道並幫助維持健康的消化系統 

幫助減肥 - Goli 可以幫助抑制食慾,減輕體重。科學研究顯示,與不食用蘋果醋的人相比,食用蘋果醋的人減肥效果更好

強化心臟 - Goli 的蘋果醋和維生素透過維持膽固醇指數,捉進心臟健康

增強體力 - 食用Goli 軟糖可控制血糖水平從而有更好的正能量


- 不含麩質
- 純素食
- 非基因改造
- 有機
- 未過濾