BioTech Odour Killer - Mandarin (250ml)

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BIOTECH APB was founded by a group of industrialists, doctors, scientists, and aromatic therapist more than 20 years ago. With their effort, they successfully created an innovated product to promote living conditions of the society.

All Natural Plant Essential Oil Air Freshener

•Made from all natural plant essential oil

•Contains no chemicals

•Harmless to human and pets

•Effectively remove pollutants in air (e.g. methane and its pungent smell)

•Contains no allergens, safe to use on children and infants

Suitable for uses in family, (public) toilet, kitchen, fridge, restaurants, smell of cigarettes.

Mechanism of Physio-­‐chemical Adsorp:on

The charges of pollutants attracts strong charges of plant essential oil and form a outer layer on the pollutant. Increase in weight of pollutant sediment towards the ground. Then starts the process of bio-breakdown. Throughout the process no harmful substances is produced and leave a scent of natural essential oil.

Product Origin: Switzerland