Birchall Camomile Tea (15teabags) | Birchall 甘菊茶 (15茶包裝)

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Birchall Camomile is a classic herbal tea made from the scented flowers and leaves of the wild camomile plant. Camomile has long been prized for its relaxing qualities and is believed to restore natural balance by aiding digestion and promoting sleep. A single cup of our smooth and soothing herb infusion helps you unwind, making it perfect in the evening just before bedtime. Our pursuit of quality ensures we only select the finest, whole camomile flowers and it is these that give Birchall Camomile its delicate floral character, clear gold colour and mellow, sweet taste. Tranquility in a cup.



Birchall 的甘菊是由野生甘菊植物的花和葉製成的經典草本茶。甘菊的放鬆心神功效廣受好評,同時亦被認為能透過幫助消化及提升睡眠質素恢復身體機能平衡。一杯香滑怡人的的草本甘菊茶能助你平靜心神,最適合晚上睡前飲用。