Bright Earth Food's Chlorella comes from some of the purest, cleanest sources available and is grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. It is sun-dried and the cell wall is broken so the body can use it to is highest potential. Chlorella is a highly enzymatic whole food that aids your body in digestion. It also enhances the elimination of toxins such as mercury, cadmium and lead, DDT and PCB, thus greatly boosting the immune system's ability to combat other foreign invaders such as parasites, viruses, tumors bacteria through its ability to enhance T-cell action. In scientific research it has been shown to increase the production of Interferons (INF), a glycoprotein known to be a powerful shield for various cancers. This algae also possesses the ability to deliver enzymes, such as pepsin and chlorophyllase, which aid in healthy digestion. In addition, it supports the growth of friendly flora in the intestinal tract, providing colon health and balance. It's considered to be one of the most potent nutraceuticals known. These tablets are chewable and great for the teeth gums.


- A high quality protein source
- Enhances the elimination of toxins (mercury, cadmium and lead)
- Boosts the immune system to flight invading viruses and bacteria
- High in Magnesium, which is essential to help to cope with stress

Suggested Uses:
Enjoy as is, or sprinkled over salad

Ingredients: Organically grown raw chewable chlorella tablets tested for purity and radiation free.


Bright Earth Food所用的綠藻來自最純淨﹑無污染的地方,養殖過程中沒有使用除草劑﹑殺蟲劑或合成肥料。綠藻的細胞壁在曬乾過程中被破壞,所以人體可以發揮其最大效用。綠藻是一種酶性很強的有益食物,有助促進人體消化。同時有助身體排毒,如汞﹑鎘和鉛等等,因此大大促進免疫系統,並透過增強T細胞的功能,提升人體對抗外來物的能力,如寄生蟲﹑病毒﹑腫瘤細菌等。科研報告證實,綠藻能促進干擾素(INF)的產生,INF是一種可預防各類癌症的糖蛋白。藻類還能夠提供各種酵素,有助促進消化。而且,藻類有助腸道益菌生長,可維持結腸健康及平衡。藻類被視為目前已知最有效的保健品之一。藥丸可直接咀嚼,對牙齦有益。




- 提供高品質的蛋白質

- 促進排毒(汞﹑鎘﹑鉛等) 

- 增強免疫系統,抵抗病毒和細菌的入侵

- 含豐富的鎂,有助減壓








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