Chocolate Fudge Brownie | 巧克力布朗蛋糕

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Require Extra Delivery Fee during April to October

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Free of refined sugar, gluten, nuts

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate chips (Cacao Mass, cacao butter, sugar, soya lecithins), Raw coconut sugar*, cold-pressed coconut oil*, eggs, 100%cacao powder, Madagascar vanilla extract, sea salt (* certified organic)

For delivery of this product, please add an item of

"Chilled Service During Delivery".


於4月至10月期間, 需繳付額外運費



配料:黑巧克力片(可可塊,可可脂,糖,大豆蛋黃素 ) ,原料椰子糖* ,冷榨椰子油* ,蛋, 100 %可可粉,馬達加斯加香草提取物,海鹽( *有機認證)

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