Humble Brush - KID Bamboo Toothbrush

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Made from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo and nylon-6 bristles, it is kind to our planet.  

Designed and developed in Sweden by dentists, Humble Brush is a perfect combination of Scandinavian design which is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality and our dentist’s demands, making sure it is easy to use. It has a specific, curved, head shape that helps with access to all areas of the mouth. It is comfortable to hold, effective in removing plaque – doing the job a toothbrush should do.

Designed in Sweden 
Developed by dentists
Kind to our planet
Humble to others

One Brush, Two Smiles.

This is what makes Humble Brush truly unique, for every tooth brush sold, one is donated to a child in need of oral care through our Humble Smile Foundation