• 100% organic • 95% raw • vegan • paleo • gluten free • soya free • cholesterol free • trans fat free • no added sugar • 100% natural • no MSG or artificial additives • GMO free •

Artisan Raw Almond Herb Crackers with onion, black pepper and oregano, enhanced with reishi mushroomThese sumptuous organic Raw Crackits are crunchy and crumbly like true baked grain crackers. They are made from raw almondsflax and buckwheatsoaked to release enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid (contained in all nuts and seeds). We then dry them at low temperatures to maintain their optimum nutritional potency.

Ingredients: (organic*)

  • almonds*
  • sunflower seeds*
  • carrots*
  • courgette*
  • onions*
  • flax seeds*
  • extra-virgin cold pressed olive oil*
  • chia seeds*
  • Himalayan crystal salt
  • garlic*
  • reishi*
  • oregano*
  • black pepper*
  • nothing else

Total Organic ingredients: 100%
Total Raw ingredients: 99%
Processing: Nuts are activated by soaking in filtered water.
The mix is low-heat blended and dehydrated at 45°C or below.

Store ambient, 9 month shelf life. Minimum weight 100g℮

Love your Life  Eat for Vitality  Follow your Bliss

Here at inSpiral, we are most passionate when it comes to optimum nutrition!

inSpiral Organic Herb Crackits contain none of the refined sweeteners, raising agents or gluten, often associated with regular crackers and other convenience/processed foods and snacks; in fact our finished products are still ‘raw’ because we haven’t cooked/baked them! Raw food provides the body with enzymes and nutrients that are destroyed once ingredients are heated above 42°C. We think this makes them perfect for children, adults – and just about everyone else!

By producing cutting edge raw snacks, inSpiral hope to allow everybody to experience a happier, healthier life that tastes amazing!
We create our recipes with the aim of achieving optimum nutrition and products that aid digestion. We work hard to research the newest superfood finds and latest nutrition information so that we can bring to our customers, visionary 100% optimum nutrition foods.

  • Unlike baked grain crackers, the nuts & seeds in our crackits remain omega oil rich, thanks to the air drying process which we use in our solar-powered factory!
  • Each packet also contains a carefully selected adaptogenic herb as an added health booster, such as ReishiRhodiolaShatavari or Siberian Ginseng.
  • inSpiral Raw and Organic Crackits are hand-made by our highly-skilled artisans, thus offering products of only the highest quality within each box.
  • We use no additives or preservatives and so ensure a truly optimum, gourmet eating experience – the perfect accompaniment to condiments and meals of all kinds.
99%有機 • 99%生機 • 100%天然 • 不含麩質 • 不含豆類 • 不含膽固醇 • 不含反式脂肪 • 不含味精或食物添加劑 • 非基因改造食物 • 不添加糖份 • InSpiral有機香草薄片以洋蔥,黑椒,牛至及靈芝製造,與一般烤穀物餅干一樣鬆脆可口。含有生機杏仁,亞麻及喬麥,並經浸泡以釋出蛋白酶抑制劑及植酸,最後於低溫下風乾以保存其營養價值。 InSpiral有機香草薄片以低溫風乾,確保身體所需的蛋白酶及營養素不會被高溫破壞,並不含任何精製糖,膨鬆劑或麩質。
  • 工場由太陽能供電,環保低碳
  • 含豐富奧米加油,比一般烤穀物餅乾更健康
  • 添加靈芝,紅景天及西伯利亞人蔘適性香草
  • 全手工製造
  • 無添加劑及人造色素
成份 (*有機):
  • 杏仁*
  • 葵花籽*
  • 甘荀*
  • 夏南瓜*
  • 洋蔥*
  • 亞麻籽*
  • 初搾冷壓橄欖油*
  • 奇亞籽*
  • 喜瑪拉雅結晶鹽
  • 大蒜*
  • 靈芝*
  • 牛至*
  • 黑胡椒*
  • 有機成份總含量: 100% 生機成份總含量: 99%


    • Standard Price正價 Title - HK$77.00