Ionosil Electro Colloidal Silver is a product that is classified as a water disinfection product with a strength of 10 ppm, equivalent to 100 micrograms of silver per 10 ml of product. That something is in colloidal form means that it is composed of microscopic free floating nano particles and ions whose positive electrical charge causes them to constantly repell each other. The particles are so small that there are several billion silver particles in a box of a cubic millimeter size. Ionosil consists of about 70% of silver ions with the remainder of silver in nano particle form. Studies have shown the particles to be approximately 3 nm in size.

Ionosil Electro Colloidal Silver is approved for water purification.

Nano-silver ionic liquid is a solution made of pure distilled water mixed with 70% silver ions and 30% silver nanoparticles in suspension water. It has anti-septic effects against single-cell pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, molds / fungi, etc., but not to humans , animals and the environment. It is suitable for wiping hands, cleaning homes, disinfecting toys, tableware, clothes, footwear, mobile phones, furniture, etc. It can also be sprayed or painted directly on wounds, acne, insect bites, itching, it can disinfect and reduce marks, it is widely used and safe natural disinfectant.

Ionosil Nano Silver Ionic liquid is the largest nano silver producer in Northern Europe, using the latest nano silver technology. The concentration is 10ppm, there are 10 mg of silver particles and nano silver per liter, and the nano silver particles are as small as 3 nanometers. Ensure a strong disinfection effect.

Since silver has been found to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, it has been used since ancient times to purify water, extend the shelf life of food, and disinfect and accelerate healing of wounds. Today, silver is widely used in medical appliances and daily necessities, including bandages, vessel, cosmetics, socks, food wrapping paper, etc.

Although silver is a heavy metal and it is not toxic as the hydrargyrum (mercury) or plumbub, but can also quickly pass through the kidneys and lymphatic system. The Dartmouth Toxic Metals Research Program states: "Unlike other metals (such as plumbub and hydrargyrum), silver is non-toxic to humans and does not cause cancer, reproductive or nervous system damage, or other severe chronic diseases."

The Swedish Poison Information Centre confirmed that there are no trauma records for silver ion users.

Ingredients: Purified distilled water, Silver Ionic liquid, Nano Silver Particles

Place of Manufacture: Sweden

Suggested use: Spray or apply directly to the skin or objects that need to be disinfected, wait two minutes, no need to dry.

***Handle Spray attachment sold separately***


Ionosil 納米銀離子液由北歐最大納米銀生產商 Ion Silver,採用最新納米銀技術製成,濃度是10ppm,即每公升有10毫克的銀粒子和納米銀,而納米銀粒子小至僅3納米,確保強大消毒效用。


銀雖然是重金屬,但並沒有汞(水銀)或鉛的毒性,而且能很快透過腎和淋巴系統排出。達特茅斯有毒金屬研究計劃 (The Dartmonth Toxic Metals Research Program) 指出:「與其他金屬 (例如鉛和汞) 不同,銀對人類無毒,並且不會引起癌症、生殖或神經系統損害或其他慢性疾病的不良影響。」

瑞典毒物信息中心 (The Swedish Poison Information Centre) 確認,沒有關於銀離子使用者的創傷紀錄。






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