JRS Eco 100 D2 On-Demand Wifi Router| 備用式智能Wi-Fi路由器

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#lang1:The patented JRS Eco 100 D2 is the world’s first wireless-on-demand WiFi router with a Full Eco standby mode that is 100% radiation free. This means WiFi is always available if you choose to have it, but makes zero EMF emission when it is on standby.

How does it work?
The router switches to standby mode when all your wifi devices have dis-connected, but is back on immediately when you re-connect any one of your wireless devices.  The advantage is that you can have full control of when the router should switch to the Full Eco mode, so that it is not emitting electromagnetic fields (EMF) non-stop even when no one is using wireless data.  

To ensure easy installation and optimal utilisation of this innovative on-demand WiFi router, we have pre-installed JRS Eco firmware with settings for maximum reduction of EMF emission.  The strong points of our JRS Eco WiFi router:

  • Transmit power is optimal, with no loss of speed, stability or range compared to ordinary wifi routers. AC1900 with 400 Mbps+ real measured speed (speedtest.net).
  • Transmit power has been preset to a minimum, so that radiation density can be reduced by up to 95% while still enjoying full performance, and is suitable for use in smaller rooms.  The transmit power can be increased in 1mW steps depending on need to suit larger environments.
  • The beacon pulse frequency has been lowered by 90% to reduce radiation emission when the WiFi is "on" but remains idle, with no one using data.  
  • A scheduler allows user to set “down times” when the WiFi function automatically switches off to protect children during their sleep.
  • Super-fast dual band: the 2.4 GHz band has longer range but slower speed, while the 5 GHz band has shorter range but faster connection speed.  While the 2.4GHz band needs to be enabled for using the Full Eco mode, the 5 GHz band can be disabled to reduce EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation.   
  • USB 2.0 & 3.0 ports for sharing files or USB print server, plus Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports.  
  • Includes our English and Chinese installation and user guide for easy reference and we welcome any inquiries on usage and functions.


 JRS Eco「備用式智能Wi-Fi路由器」是全球首創,在備用時不排放電磁波輻射的智能路由器。它的專利軟件讓路由器設有待機模式,當路由器能感應到家中所有無線設備被停用,就會於一分鐘後完全終止電磁波發放。再連接任何一部無線設備,Wi-Fi網絡就會立刻自動重啓。


為方便客戶容易安裝並充分發揮此產品的獨特功效,我們已為每一部 JRS Eco「備用式智能Wi-Fi路由器」預設模式,達至最低電磁波排放的目標。此產品的強項:

  • 快速而穩定,有不遜於一般路由器的傳輸功率;
  • 傳輸功率預設在最低功率標準,可減少高達 95% 的電磁波排放而不影響功能的發揮,適合在較細小的房間使用。用戶可以 1 微瓦間距,按需要隨時增強傳輸功率。
  • 無線網絡啟動後,如果沒有人在使用,傳輸速率間距會大幅降低達 90%, 減少電磁波的排放;
  • 內置的日程表容許用家自設無線網絡的停用時段,路由器會依時自動關閉Wi-Fi功能,可為孩子睡眠時提供保護;
  • AC 1900 3 x 3 高速雙頻:2.4GHz 頻段有較長的傳輸距離但較慢的傳輸速度,而 5GHz 頻段傳輸距離較短但傳輸速度較快。用戶必須啟用 2.4GHz 頻段以使用全智能模式但可選擇停用 5GHz 頻段以進一步減低電磁波排放;
  • 附有USB 2.0 和 3.0 連接位作檔案分享或打印機伺服器之用,並附有多個乙太網連接埠,用家可以連線方式使用寬頻網絡。
  • 附上我們為客戶準備的中英文安裝及使用的說明指引,亦歡迎隨時聯絡我們查詢用法。