MacaPro ® - Concentrated Maca Powder 6:1 (90 capules)

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MacaPro Powder 6:1, is a concentrated powder of selected, certified organic Maca roots from Junin, Peru. For best qulality, 80% black, 15% purple and 5% yellow maca roots are used. The powder is obtained through an exclusive cold gelatinization process that removes the starch from the root, while retaining as many nutrients as possible. The exclusive production process does not use heat, rediation or any kind of additives and makes the powder easily absorbable for the body. The concentration of this product is 6:1 (6kg of fresh maca makes 1kg of gelatinized powder).


As an adaptogen plant, maca works automatically in your system, providing a wide range of nutrients that allows the body to be in balance and achieve many benefits out of it.

Maca is well known to assist with the following issues:

  • Energy
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Well being in general