Miriguard™ - Long Lasting Natural Disinfectant Spray

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Miriguard is a long lasting multi-purpose all natural disinfectant / antiseptic that forms an antimicrobial protective coating when applied, which kill viruses & bacteria Gram +ve and Gram -ve, fungi and molds instantly and stay effective for 24 hours.

Miriguard is non- allergenic and non-irritating, can effectively replace bleach and other alcohol-based disinfectant. It is safe for children and pets, Miriguard is ideal for disinfecting home, office, schools, hospitals, bathrooms and other public places.

    • 100% all Natural
    • Safe for children & pets
    • No side effects for humans, animals and the environment
    • Prevent cross infection
    • Instantly eradicates up to 99.99% of MERS, MRSA, H7N9, Bacteria, Viruses and stay effective for 24 hours
    • Reduce odors generated by bacteria
    • No Alcohol / Chlorine / Mercury / Lead / Arsenic
    • Not Orally Toxic - Food Safe
    • Safe for Sensitive Skin