German technology water filter that allows you to drink straight from this filter. The water is purified and restored to structure of water of nature, tastes great and easy to absorb. 

Beyond Purification
Many methods are developed to restore the polluted water; the most efficient way is purification. Purification methods can effectively remove harmful toxins from the polluted water, but it does not bring back the nature of ‘good’ water, like those from natural springs. As Mr Masaru Emoto (author of famous book ’The Hidden Messages in Water’ has discovered that the molecules of ‘good’ water are characterized by distinguished hexagonal crystal form. Such ‘good’ water is best for life and is most important for our well-being.Advanced EM Crystal Water Filter System                                         

Advanced EM Crystal Water Filter System   

The advanced EM Crystal Water Filter System, the 'EM Premium 5' cartridge developed in Germany by Prime Inventions and Carbonit, combines the technology of activated carbon and EM in a unique system. Not only does the filter remove chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals and pharmaceutical residues, it also restores water molecule into its natural state - the hexagonal crystal form.

Activated Carbon Technology purifies water                                          

The activated carbon of 'EM Premium 5' is based on the internationally patented 'NFP Premium' modelled by Carbonit (company famous in wastewater treatment and the production of activated carbon in EU). It uses natural renewable raw material to produce the maximum inner porous surface within the carbon with high ability of absorption and adsorption. It can effectively removes 99% of contaminates from the water. The inner surface of activated carbon ranges between 500 and 1,500 square meters per gram and 4 to 5 grams of activated carbon contains the complete surface of a football pitch!

EM Technology restores optimal water resonance                                                                                    
EM, the Effective Micro-organism Technology developed by Dr. Teruo Higa (a world-renowned EM originator). It is made from a combination of useful, regenerative and beneficial micro-organisms that exist freely in nature and have the special characteristics of surviving under high heat and pressure. The micro-organism in EM are both naturally occurring and are harmless to humans, animals and plants. The basic groups of micro-organisms are lactic acid bacteria (commonly found in yogurt, cheese), yeast (bread, beer), and phototrophic bacteria. EM technology is used in a wide range of applications. It is extremely efficient in cleaning up pollution of chemical or of organic origin in water and soil and improves the environment. This technology is also applied to agriculture, animal house, fishery and food production.

EM is baked into the activated carbon to form the highly efficient filter 'EM Premium 5', which has an immediate effect on the water through a process of resonance.

Resonance and water molecular cluster                                                                                   
As we know, water is an organised matrix of six water molecules forming a hexagonal form. When water is polluted, many water molecules hold onto this pollutants and form bigger new cluster. Even after water has been filtered and purified, it retains the state of the bigger cluster. EMX has the unique ability to remove this pollution state of the water molecules by a process of resonance. So the water molecules are restructured to the original six water molecules cluster as in Mr Emoto's fantastic discovering.

Why this 'good' water is important to us?                                         

As Mr Masaru Emoto (author of famous book 'Messages from Water) has discovered that the molecules of 'good' water are characterised by distinguished hexagonal crystal form. Such 'good' water which is natural state of water is easily absorbed by our cells and performs the best cleaning for our body. The regular consumption of 'good' water is associated with stronger immune function, rapid hydration, the efficient removal of toxins, better nutrient absorption, reduced water retention leading to weight loss, and overall greater health.

We all know ‘good’ water is the best medicine!

Water, is the ‘Essence of life’. Not only does it nourishes our life, but also provides energy for our body. Due to the daunting pollution that human made to our eco-system, water is one of the major problems that we need to solve.

(left) Frozen water crystal made with drinking water at Thun, Switzerland.
(right) Frozen water crystal made with drinking water at Thun, Switzerland after being filtered by EM Premium 5 water filter.





許多方法已被開發以還原污水; 而最有效方法是濾化。濾化方法可有效地清除污水內有害的有毒物質,但是,並不能還原成如同天然泉水般‘好水’ 的本質。 正如江本 勝博士 ( Dr. Masaru Emoto , 著名的 ”水的資訊”作者) 所發現`好水’的分子是呈獨特的六角晶體狀。這種‘好水’是對生命是最有益處的,也是對身體健康最為重要的。 。


先進的EM晶濾水系統的EM Premium 5 濾蕊,是由德國Prime Invention同Carbonit共同開發,是結合活性碳技術和EM獨家技術的獨特濾水系統。該濾芯不僅過濾化學物質,細菌,重金屬,殘留藥物,亦能將水分子還原成自然晶體狀態。


EM Premium 5 濾蕊的活性炭是依據Carbonit 公司所擁用的國際專利NFP Premium 5 所製造。這種活性炭使用天然可再生的原材料,碳塊內在表面的多孔性面被塑造成數量最大化,使其獲得高效能的吸收和吸附能力,能有效地清除水中99﹪以上的污染物。活性炭的內層表面面積在每克500平方米到1,500平方米之間,而4至5克活性炭擁有的總面積更達一個足球場那麼大。


EM(Effective Micro-organism),即有效的微生物技術,是比嘉照夫博士(Dr.Teruo Higa世界聞名EM創始人)所開發的技術。它由自然存在於大自然界並具有獨特的、能在高溫高壓環境下生存的有用、可再生及有益的微生物組合而成。EM中的微生物均是自然產生的,並且對人類、動物以及植物無害。微生物的基本組合包括乳酸菌(通常存在於酸乳和乳酪中)、酵母(麵包、啤酒)以及光養菌。


EM融入活性碳經烘焙製成高效率的EM Premium 5濾芯。EM的功用以共振程序,對水簇產生直接的影響。






水 - 是生命之源。不僅滋育著我們的生命,而且提供我們生命的能量。由於人類對生態系統駭人的污染,水是其中一個重大問題極需解決。

(右圖)一滴Thun市(瑞士中部)的飲用水經EM Premium 5晶濾蕊過濾,再冰結後於顯微鏡下所拍攝的相片。


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