NATURELL Fabric 天然織物

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NATURELL Fabric (roll width = 2.50 meters)

EMF Shielding: 38 dB attenuation at 1 GHz. Does not shield low frequency electric fields.

Features: Colour is slightly brown-white. Semi transparent. Unbleached organic cotton.

Can be washed on gentle cycle and ironed (use Texcare detergent). This fabric cannot be

grounded because the metal threads are coated for colour stability.

Application: Day-time drapes, curtains, canopies and similar. Indoor use only.

Fabric material: 82% cotton. Shielding materials: 17% copper, 1% silver.

Dimensional stability: +/- 3 %


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NATURELL 天然織物(闊封: 2.50米)
屏蔽效能: 在1.5 GHz 的高頻電磁場中能屏蔽38分貝。不能屏蔽低頻電場。


織物物料: 82%綿;屏蔽物料: 17%銅, 1%銀。
尺寸穩定性:+/- 3%

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