YL New Ningxia Red Goji Juice (2 x 750ml bottles)|YL 寧夏紅™ 杞子汁 (2x750毫升)

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NingXia Red is a powerful antioxidant liquid supplement that contains whole Ningxia wolfberry puree, super blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices, grape seed extract, and orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils, known for their extremely concentrated antioxidant properties. 

The new NingXia Red is now Halal and Kosher certified.

Cheaper than a cup of store-bought coffee, we recommend it as a natural energy enhancer with a balancing effect to blood sugar, unlike caffeine which stimulates and exhausts the adrenals. 
Available in 2 x 750mL bottles or 30 x 60mL single serving pouches.

Key Benefits:
- Long-lasting energy support: Long-term use of wolfberries (Lycium barbarum) may contribute to agility, longevity, and vitality. In fact, recent studies indicate that drinks containing wolfberry exhibit longer-lasting supportive effects on energy and caloric metabolism. NingXia Red is an easy way to get pure, premium Ningxia wolfberries and experience natural, sustained support for blood sugar balance without the crashes and harmful side effects of coffee or energy drinks.

- High in chromium, low in Glycemic Index (20/100) and adrenal supporting nutrients, Ningxia Red is an ideal replacement for stress inducing "energy drinks"

- Fortifies the body and replenishes key nutrients: The combination of whole wolfberries the juice, peel, seeds, and fruit with pomegranate and plum juice delivers vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and phytonutrients. NingXia Red also contains zeaxanthin, a carotenoid suggested to enhance healthy visual function. Recent studies on the consumption of wolfberries and whole fruit juices recommend 2 to 4 ounces for optimal support.

- Revitalizing, full-body protection
*The combination of blueberry, grape seed extract, aronia, and pomegranatesome of the worlds most antioxidant-rich fruits helps increase the S-ORAC level more than 30% over previous formulations. These levels were independently tested and may help defend against damage caused by free radicals.

Whole Ningxia wolfberry, Blueberry juice from concentrate, Plum juice, from concentrate, Cherry Juice from cencentrate, Aronia juice from concentrate, Pomegranate juice from concentrate,  Grape seed extract, Orange rind oil, Yuzu rind oil, Lemon rind oil, Tangerine rind oil, water, tartaric acid, natural blueberry flavor, pure vanilla extract, malic acid, pectin, sodium benzoate(to maintain freshness), Natural Stevia extract

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精心挑選健康的橙,柚子,檸檬純治療級精油,融合在寧夏紅內。這些精油充滿了93% D-limonene(一種強效的抗氧化劑和標記生物活性),隨著寧夏紅的優質味道,這些精油也有助於維持人體正常的細胞功能。












每日1次, 每次飲用 30-60 ml, 冷卻後最佳飲用, 開瓶後請冷藏及搖勻飲用