Nikken PiMag Water System Shower Filter| Nikken PiMag 花灑過濾系統

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#lang1:Only one shower design combines advanced redox filtration and PiMag® Technology. The PiMag® Ultra Shower System reduces chlorine up to 90% without adding chemicals. It neutralizes the chlorine through an exclusive copper-zinc process. A superfine 2-micron filter reduces a wide range of other water contaminants. The showerhead has five selectable settings including Pure Mist® Technology, a deep-cleaning spray. The PiMag® Ultra Shower System also features pi and magnetic technologies, innovations you'll find only in Nikken PiMag® water products. System features: - Chlorine-reduction technology
- Combines neutralizing system with filter element
- Pi ceramic material
- Magnetic technology
- High-strength, pressure-tested housing
- Easy installation
- Deluxe showerhead with Pure Mist Technology
- Replace filter every 6 months Please allow ample time for delivery

唯一一個花曬設計結合了先進的氧化還原過濾過程和PiMag®技術 PiMag  花灑過濾系統減少高達90%氯過程並無添加化學品透過獨有的銅鋅應用過程它能夠中和氯 精密的2微米過濾器同時亦減少很多其他水污染物噴頭附備5個模式包括 純霧®技術 ( Pure Mist® Technology ) 和深層清潔噴射模式PiMag®  花灑過濾系統還具有Nikken PiMag®水產品獨有的 pi 和磁技術以及更多其他新技術



- 透過特別技術過濾氯

- 結合過濾元素構及中和系統

- Pi陶瓷材料

- 磁學技術

- 強勁經壓力測試的外殼

- 易於安裝

- 具純霧技術 ( Pure Mist Technology ) 的豪華噴頭

- 建議每6個月更換過濾器