Now Solutions - Bentonite Clay Powder (1lb, 454g)|Now Solutions 膨潤土粉 (454克)

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  • 100% Pure
  • Face & Body Detox
  • Paraben Free
  • Condition: Oily, problem skin in need of a strong clay mask to remove excess debris, build-up and dirt from pores, or skin in need of a natural detox to remove impurities.

    Solution: Bentonite, also known as montmorillonite of fuller's earth, is a natural clay that's used as a facial mask to help remove impurities, excess oil, and dirt for healthy skin that's clean and clear of harmful debris. Historically used to maintain healthy skin tone and texture due to its high content of trace minerals, Bentonite Powder can also be used as a body mask to help dry up excess oil and remove impurities from other potential problem areas besides the face. Clays are a popular feature at many health spas today, and are widely used as a natural means to promote healthy, youthful-looking skin. This product should not be used on sensitive areas of the body.

    NOW Solutions is the next step in the evolution of personal care products. This comprehensive natural line encompasses anti-aging moisturizes and serums, bath and body gels, shampoos and conditioners, oral care, skin care, and essential oils, all of which are formulated with the finest functional ingredients from around the world. In order to provide a more natural product line, NOW Solutions avoids harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients in our formulations.

    Suggested Use

    For oily skin, mix 1 tablespoon of NOW Solutions Bentonite Clay with one teaspoon or more of water to create a thick paste and apply to the face and neck area, avoiding sensitive areas. Allow 15-20 minutes to dry, then rinse with warm water, pat area dry and apply a NOW Solutions moisturizer immediately after. Use 1-2 times weekly to help maintain a healthy complexion. For problem areas on the body you may need to double the amount used, depending on the surface area that needs to be covered. Follow the same application guidelines. For any other uses please reference a professional guide.

    Other Ingredients

    Bentonite powder (pure).


    For external use only.



    • 100%純淨
    • 面部和身體排毒
    • 不含防腐劑

    功效:針對油性、問題肌膚之需要, 以強效粘土面膜去除毛孔中多餘的雜質、沉積物和污垢,或者適用於需要天然排毒品來去除雜質的肌膚。


    NOW Solutions是個人護理品升級的下一步。這一綜合性自然系列產品包括抗衰老保濕霜、精華液、沐浴露和身體凝膠,洗髮水和護髮素,口腔護理,皮膚護理,精油,所有配方中加入了來自世界各地最好的功能性有效成分。為生產更自然的系列產品,NOW Solutions未在配方中使用刺激性化學物質及合成原料。


    針對油性膚質,將1大勺NOW Solutions 膨潤土粉與至少1茶匙水混合調成稠膏,敷於面部和頸部,避開敏感區域。等到15-20分鐘變乾後,用溫水沖洗,拍打至變乾後,立刻使用NOW Solutions 爽膚水。每週使用1 - 2次,幫助維持健康膚色。因應問題部位面積可能需要使用雙倍份量並遵照相同的使用指引。任何其他用途請先尋求專業意見。