Rayovita®(62g - 31 sachets)

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The essential trace elements and vitamins in Rayovita maintain important functions of the metabolism. They boost defence and detoxifying mechanisms and play an important role in neutralising and excreting acids.

Rayovita is composed of pure vegetable dietary fibres (pre-biotics), which boost the growth of the bacteria in Rayoflora, and antioxidants to trap aggressive oxygen particles.



Inulin, magnesium citrate, vitamin C (acerola), dextrose, vitamin E, ferrous fumarates, zinc gluconate, niacin, chromic chloride, sodium selenate, pantothenic acid, vitamin A, manganese (II) sulphate, vitamin B6, grape seed powder, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, folic acid, biotin, sodium molybdate