Sodasan Compact Laundry Powder (1.2kg) | 洗德生有機濃縮洗衣粉 (1.2公斤)

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The universal detergent for all fabrics except for wool and silk. Contains no optical Brighteners or enzymes. Colors remain bright longer. Fibers are protected.


Organic soap (made from vegetable oils), sodium carbonate, silicates, polypeptides, citrates (salt from citric acid), essential oils (contains limonene as part of essential oils).


除了羊毛和絲綢之外,可用於任何衣物上。不含光亮或酵素, 令衣物持久亮麗, 同時也保護衣服纖維

成份 :

有機植物皂(從植物所提鍊製造而成的), 碳酸鈉,矽酸鹽, 從有機無脂牛奶所獲得的蛋白質為主的表面活性劑,檸檬酸鹽(從檸檬酸所提鍊製造而成的鹽),有機植物精油(包括檸檬油精)。