Sodasan Toilet Bowl Cleaner Gel (750ml)

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Thanks to its very low pH value, citric acid has the feature of dissolving built-up plaque. The sugar surfactants contained in the product make the removal of all stains easy. The thickening agent xanthan gum allows the cleaner to cling to the surfaces and act on them.

Apply the Toilet Power Gel directly under the edge of the bowl and spread it with the brush. Leave to work for a short period then rinse off. For heavy soiling, leave to work overnight.


Composition:> 30% water, <5% citric acid, sodium citrate, coconut fatty alcohol sulfate, sugar surfactants, essential oils, xanthan, chlorophyll

Environmental information:
All ingredients are plant-based and quickly and fully biodegradable (OECD). Fatty alcohol sulfates and sugar surfactants made from sugar, starch, and coconut oil are, apart from soaps, detergent raw materials which have the best decomposition behavior and are classified by the OECD as readily biodegradable.