Sedona is the elegantly easy way to dehydrate raw whole living foods, preserving the natural nutritional value and taste without using artificial preservatives. Compared to other leading dehydrators, Sedona offers unsurpassed performance utilizing the latest digital dehydrating technologies with accurate temperature controls.

- User Friendly
- Built-in Timer for up To 99 Hours of operation
- Digital Display and Setting for Easy Control
- LED Light Display for Dark Environment
- Front Control Panel for use and placement under kitchen cupboards
- On/Off switch: No need to pull the plug to turn off unit every time
- Clear Glass Door to see results without opening unit
- Automatic pause & resume function when the door opens & closes
- Convenient front-mounted pull-down glass door
- Elegant and aesthetic design
- Temperature mode selection for Celsius or Fahrenheit
- More tray room with 1" clearance
- Debris Catching Tray for easy cleaning
- Convenient, detachable power cord
- Product Dimensions: 17 x 14.6 x 19.7 inches; 23.4 pounds
- 1 year Warranty
Please allow ample time for delivery. 
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Sedona 是一個既優雅又簡單的方法去將新鮮食材風乾既不破壞其自然的營養價值與味道亦毋需添加任何人工防腐劑與其他知名的食物風乾機相比Sedona 的性能較為出色利用了最新的數碼風乾技術精確地將溫度控制



- 易用方便

- 內置計時器可操作高達99小時

- 數碼顯示屏易於控制

- LED燈於較暗的環境使用

- 前控制面板可置於廚櫃使用

- 開關掣使用完可直接關上無需每天拔除插頭

- 透明玻璃門可看到風乾結果無需打開

- 隨玻璃門開關自動暫停和恢復運作

- 方便的前置下拉式玻璃門

- 優雅的美學設計

- 溫度模式可選攝氏或華氏

- 1“ 托盤間隙

- 托盤盛載食物碎屑方便清洗

- 方便可拆除電線

- 產品尺寸17×14.6 ×19.7 英寸; 23.4

- 1年保養



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  • Standard Price正價 - HK$4,450.00
  • VIP Price會員價 - HK$4,316.00