Sedona Non-stick PTFE Drying Sheets, Set of 3 pcs | Sedona 風乾機 PTFE 墊底紙 (3張)

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Sedona Non-stick PTFE Drying Sheets for  Sedona Express Dehydrator.  The non-stick drying sheets are food safe, BPA-free, flexible, and easy to use. Use with the Sedona trays to create a flat non-stick surface for your favourite dehydrated recipes, such as your fruit leathers and raw cookies. Sedona non-stick drying sheets are reusable. 
- Each pack comes in 3 sheets
- Food Safe PTFE-coated BPA-free sheets
- Designed to properly fit the  Sedona Express Dehydrator 12.6 x 9.8 inch (32.2 x 24.9 cm)
- Please note the size of older models of  Sedona Express Dehydrator is 14.05 x 14.05 inch (35.7 cm x 35.7 cm)
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Sedona 風乾機 Teflon墊底紙 (不含BPA) 表面蓋有一層不粘的PTFE外層適用於黏性食物專門設計能夠與風乾托盤一併使用您可以先將Sedona墊底紙置於托盤上形成水平面然後再放上食材



- 1包內附3

- 合乎食物安全的PTFE外層不含BPA

- 尺寸配合Sedona托盤﹕ 12.6 x 9.8英寸 (32.2 x 24.9厘米)