Sun & Seed Organic Raw Apricot Kernel Butter (250g)| Sun & Seed 有機生南杏醬 (250克)

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#lang1:This tasty spread is made from raw “sweet” apricot kernels, organically grown in Turkey. Contains high levels of protein and monounsaturated fats, also a good source of minerals such as since, calcium, phosphorus and iron as well as vitamin E.

Sweet apricot kernels are safe to eat, and they are not to be mistaken for "bitter" kernels.

#lang2:本產品是由土耳其有機種植的生機「甜」杏仁 (即南杏)製成,含有高蛋白質及單元不飽和脂肪,亦是礦物質和維他命E的優質來源。
南杏可以安全食用,不能和「苦」杏仁 (即北杏) 混淆。