Tribest PB250 BPA-Free Personal Blender| Tribest PB250 BPA-Free 個人小型攪拌機

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Now with BPA Free blending and grinding containers!

As versatile as it is portable, the Tribest Personal Blender delivers an impressive 200 watts of ice-crushing, smoothie-making power wherever you plug it in. Tribest Personal Blender is compact and smartly designed with high impact BPA Free polyester containers for blending, grinding or serving. The PB-250 conveniently comes with a commuter lid so you can take your drinks with you on the go and three regular lids for easy storage. Capable of 2 function modes: One-touch pulse mode or press down for continuous blending/grinding operation. The PB-250 Blending and Grinding Package Includes:

- Personal Blender Motor Base - 220V
- one Blending Blade Assembly
- one Grinding Blade Assembly
- two 16 oz BPA Free Blending Containers
- two 8 oz BPA Free Grinding Containers
- one commuter sipping lid
- three Regular Lids

-1 year Warranty 

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同步推出更有不含BPA的攪拌容器及研磨容器!多功能又易攜的Tribest的個人小型攪拌機,只需插上電源,就能以高達200瓦特的威力製作碎冰與滑昔(smoothie)。Tribest個人小型攪拌機設計精巧,配有非常結實並不含BPA的聚酯容器,方便用於攪拌、研磨和直接飲用。 此二合一研磨攪拌機隨有一個方便攜帶式飲用杯蓋,讓您可隨時帶備新鮮自製飲料飲用; 另有三個基本新鮮密封式容器蓋,方便新鮮收藏。具有2個功能模式:一觸短暫攪拌/研磨、或長按連續攪拌/研磨。


PB250 研磨及攪拌機兩合一套裝附有﹕

- 1 攪拌刀片

- 1 研磨刀片

- 2 16安士 BPA攪拌容器

- 28安士 BPA研磨容器

- 1 方便攜帶式飲用杯蓋

- 3 基本容器蓋