This product needs to be chilled at all times.

Udo's Choice Infant's Blend is an easy-to-take powder form is for infants and children 0- 5 years old. This unique formula is designed to reflect healthy infant microflora. These dairy-free friendly bacteria assist in nitrogen retention and help synthesize the very important B-complex vitamins necessary for proper growth and development. One serving per day helps maintain healthy intestinal flora and strengthen the immune system.


- Contains 7 infant/toddler strains at an appropriate strength 
- A potent formula to help support healthy microflora in the small and large intestine 
- Includes B. infantis necessary for infant health 
- Each gram contains 2 billion viable cells at time of manufacture 
- Facilitates Healthy Weight Gain In Infants

Suggested Uses: Dissolve 1g (1/2 tsp.) in infant formula or other liquid 1-3 times a day"         

Storage: Refrigeration ensures maximum potency and stability however; Infant's Blend can be left unrefrigerated for short periods of time, making it convenient for travel. It may be frozen. 
Ingredients: Lactobacillus casei: 35%
Streptococcus thermophilus: 20%
Bifidobacterium infantis: 15%
Lactobacillus acidophilus: 15%
Bifidobacterium bifidum: 5%
Bifidobacterium breve: 5%
Lactobacillus bulgaricus: 5%

Other Ingredient: maltodextrin, antioxidant (ascorbic acid)

This product needs to be chilled at all times. Require Extra Delivery Fee. 

"For delivery of this product, there is an inbuilt special handling fee for chilled delivery service. There is also an option for store pickup, which will exclude the cost of the chilled delivery service of HK$65"


UDO’S CHOICE 嬰兒混合益生菌 (75克)


Udo’s Choice嬰兒混合益生菌是簡單方便的粉狀益生菌,是適合0 - 5歲的嬰兒和兒童。這種獨特配方專為照顧嬰兒菌群健康而設計。這些方便的無乳製品有助促進氮吸收及合成對正常成長和發育極重要的複合維生素B。每天服用一劑有助維持腸道菌群健康及強化免疫系統。













  • Standard Price for 1; chilled delivery - HK$440.00
  • Standard Price for 2; chilled delivery - HK$815.00
  • Standard Price for 1; store pickup - HK$375.00
  • Standard Price for 2; store pickup - HK$750.00
  • VIP Price for 1; chilled delivery (VIP) - HK$402.00
  • VIP Price for 2; chilled delivery (VIP) - HK$739.00
  • VIP Price for 1; store pickup (VIP) - HK$337.00
  • VIP Price for 2; store pickup (VIP) - HK$674.00