Vitamix TNC 5200|Vitamix TNC 5200 攪拌機

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The Vitamix TNC 5200  blender performs over 50 culinary processes without any separate attachments. It is the premium single appliance that can grind grains to make flour, knead dough, make ice-cream, and make whole food juice as well as piping hot soup heated by the blades spinning at 390 km per hour. It literally breaks down the molecular structure of foods, making it easier for the body to absorb.

Vitamix TNC 5200  blender gets more out of whole foods at over 30,000 RPMs. With an efficient 2 peak HP motor, whole foods are not just blended in the Vitamix TNC 5200  blender they are pulverised at over 30,000 RPM – seeds, stems, skin and all (versus about 10,000 RPMs in other blenders). By rupturing molecular cell walls of the food and creating more surface area, the Vitamix TNC 5200  blender releases the full bioavailability of the ingredients, making it easier for the body to absorb. A first in the home appliance market, the Vitamix TNC 5200  blender features a container made from material called Tritan™ copolyester, a shatterproof material that is BPA-free.

Whole food meals made in the Vitamix TNC 5200  blender machine can give you the nutritional ammunition to make you look better, feel better and have a lot more time to enjoy life!

The Vitamix TNC 5200  blender is engineered for use three times per day, 365 days a year for 24 or more years. The essential tool for your kitchen; this super-healthy time-saver is your answer to nutritious and well-balanced eating and drinking.

-       make food easy to be absorbed
-       BPA-free
-       Time-saving

Warranty: 7 years

(Warranty service provided by the HK Distributor & requires to send them back the warranty card)



Vitamix TNC 5200攪拌機


Vitamix TNC5200攪拌機提供超過50種烹飪模式。單靠這部優良的機器,不需任何附加工具,你就可以磨穀製麵粉﹑揉麵團﹑製冰淇淋﹑搾天然果汁,甚至利用以時速高達390公里旋轉的刀片將湯水加熱。它可以打散食物內的分子結構,使食物更易被人體吸收。


Vitamix TNC5200攪拌機每分鐘轉動超過3萬次,有助身體從天然食物中吸收更多營養。Vitamix TNC5200攪拌機有兩個強力馬達,不但能攪拌食物,更可以每分鐘轉動超過3萬次的速度將食物攪碎,包括種子﹑莖﹑皮等等(其他攪拌機每分鐘轉動1萬次)。Vitamix TNC5200攪拌機將食物分子的細胞壁打破並增加表面面積,有助充分釋放食材的生物利用率,使食物更易被人體吸收。在家電市場上,Vitamix TNC5200攪拌機是首部電器包含以Tritan™共聚多酯物料製成的容器,Tritan™共聚多酯是一種不含酚甲烷的防碎物料。


以Vitamix TNC5200攪拌機製成的天然膳食使你營養充足,令你外表更美﹑感覺更好﹑有更多時間享受生活! 



Vitamix TNC5200攪拌機專門設計為每日使用三次,一年365天,可用24年或以上。這是您在廚房中必不可少的工具,這個超健康又節省時間的工具,為您帶來營養豐富又均衡的飲食。



• 使食物更易被吸收

• 不含酚甲烷

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