• Makes affordable safe & fresh drinking water anywhere you go
  • Magnetised & energised mineral water
  • Alkalising and super hydrating
  • Reusable and saves plastic water bottle wastes

The Waterman filters uses silver carbon, bio ceramic, activated coal sands and bipolar magnets to produce clean, fresh, great tasting water enriched with 40 plus sea based essential minerals, including calcium and magnesium which are alkaline in nature. 

  • 600ml capacity
  • Replaceable and long-lasting filter, life cycle 800 liters or 3 months
  • Environmentally friendly and economical
  • Removes residual chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, impurities and odors
  • Inhibits the propagation of bacteria in water
  • Increases health supporting minerals
  • Changes regular water to alkaline water with pH level up to 9.5
  • More hydrating water
  • Neat design perfect for outdoor or indoor use

Safety assured:

  • No plastic leaching
  • No dioxin leaching
  • Durable
  • BPA free
The replacement filter is available here.


    • 除去有害物質
    • 鹼性磁化能量化礦泉水
    • 極為補濕
    • 細小,易攜帶
    Waterman 利用天然原理,當水通過數層不同合成物去除去殘留氯,化學品,重金屬,雜質和臭味,並且抑制細菌傳播。 Waterman提供清新,健康鹼性礦泉水。 Waterman過濾器利用銀碳化合物,生物陶瓷,活性碳粒和兩極磁石造出清潔,清新礦泉水。加入40多種必要礦物質,包括鹼性性質的鈣和鎂。
    • 容量600ml
    • 可替換過濾器,週期為800公升或三個月
    • 環保和經濟
    • 提供清新,好味,提供能量鹼性礦泉水
    • 除去殘留氯,化學品,重金屬,雜質和臭味
    • 抑制細菌傳播
    • 提供必要礦物質
    • 鹼化礦泉水, 酸鹼值於8.5-9.5之間,容許水滲入細胞,迅速補濕和維持健康


    • 無塑膠滲漏
    • 二噁英滲漏
    • 耐用
    • 可重用防止浪費
    • 無酚甲烷



    • Standard Price正價 Title - HK$880.00