Waterman Alkaline Water Replacement Filter| Waterman 韓國鹼性水壺替換濾芯

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#lang1: The Waterman filters uses silver carbon, bio ceramic, activated coal sands and bipolar magnets to produce clean, fresh, great tasting water enriched with 40 plus sea based essential minerals, including calcium and magnesium which are alkaline in nature. For your health. This is a replacement filter of Waterman water bottle.
#lang2: Waterman過濾器利用銀碳化合物,生物陶瓷,活性碳粒和兩極磁石造出清潔,清新礦泉水。加入40多種必要礦物質,包括鹼性性質的鈣和鎂。 這是WATERMAN韓國鹼性水壺的專用過濾芯。