White Sage Incense Sticks

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About the White Sage Incense:

Burning Sage, also known as smudging, is an ancient practice of spirituality ritual. The emerging smoke is then directed to areas that are needed to be cleansed and purified. Cleansing through burning sage means the smoke that arises attach itself to the negative vibes within the space, being, or an object and leave the space with refreshed positive energies. 

Benefits of Burning White Sage Incense Sticks:

  • It helps to purify (removes bacteria from the air)
  • It is believed to be a mood booster, as it helps reduce oxidative stress
  • It may help relieve symptoms of pollution, dust, mould (cleansing of air and space) 
  • It is known to help boost your energy levels, intuitions
  • It is believed to help to improve your mood, dissipating negative energy
  • It can create an uplifting fragrance.
  • An idea for gifts (i.e Housewarming, shop grand opening)