YL Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood (5ml)| YL 夏威夷檀木精油 (5毫升)

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Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood (Santalum paniculatum) has a rich, sweet, warm, and woody aroma that is sensual and romantic. TheS. paniculatum tree is native to and found only on the island of Hawaii, where Young Living has a partner farm that practices sustainable reforestation farming management principles. Used traditionally as incense in religious ceremonies and for meditation, this oil is uplifting and relaxing. It is valued in skin care for its moisturizing and normalizing properties.


Young Living 100% Pure, Therapeutic-Grade™ Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil
(Santalum paniculatum)

#lang2: YL Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood

夏威夷檀木精油具有芳香,濃郁,香甜及和暖的木香。這種檀木僅在夏威夷的地帶生長。Young Living 的合作夥伴農場堅持可持續發展再造林的農作原則。這種檀木傳統在宗教儀式用作香火及靜坐使用。這種精油可舒緩身心,更可滋潤肌膚。

成分: Young Living 治療性質夏威夷檀香木精油