YL Thieves Foaming Hand Soap (236ml) |YL Thieves 潔手泡 (236毫升)

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#lang1: Thieves Foaming Hand Soap will cleanse, defend, and condition the skin with the therapeutic-grade essential oil blend Thieves, pure lemon and orange essential oils, aloe, Ginkgo biloba, and vitamin E. Dispensed as a rich foam, Thieves Foaming Hand Soap contains gentle ingredients so it can be used often without drying or stripping the skin.

Suggested Uses:
Pump foam onto hands, lather, then rinse thoroughly. Dermatologist tested. Keepin a cool area away from direct sunlight. Not for internal use. Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush eyes liberally with clean, cool
water for several minutes. If redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use. If symptoms persist contact your physician. Read more about how people have used this product >>>
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#lang2: Young Living Thieves 潔手泡 (236毫升)

Thieves 潔手泡可以潔淨、防護、調理皮膚,因有治療級精油混合Thieves、純檸檬及橙精油、蘆薈、銀杏及維他命。質地是豐厚的泡沬,Thieves 潔手泡含有溫和成份,所以經常使用也不會令皮膚乾燥或起皮。

建議用法: 泵泡沬至手掌、搓手,然後沖洗。通過皮膚科測試。請放於一個陰涼處遠離陽光;不可內服。