Natural Constipation Relief| 自然排便之道

Anita Cheung 張貼


One of the signs of a healthy body is a natural bowel movement in the morning, with no difficulty in passing.  Did you know that our ancestors used to have 3 bowel movements a day?  

Increasing hydration and nutrient density of one's diet can make a HUGE difference in relieving constipation.  

While you increase water intake, you may want to increase fibre and green food too.  Green foods are cleansing and alkalising. 

Starting your day with warm lemon water or adding therapeutic quality lemon essential oil into your water can help to encourage bowel movement.  

Doing the yoga "breath of fire" and squatting can also help.  

If you suffer from constipation occasionally - e.g. due to change of time zone, or after a late night and eating a big dinner, try Oxy Powder colon cleanser (an oxygen releasing non-habit forming laxative).

An essential supplement for daily health maintenance is a good probiotics - try Super 8 or Ultrabiotic.

And including fermented and enzyme-rich foods like miso, kimchi, sauerkraut etc in your diet is a great way to increase healthy gut flora.






瑜珈的「火呼吸法」(breath of fire) 和下蹲運動都可鼓勵排便。


益生菌是一樣維護日常健康的重要補充品﹣如Super 8 超級益生菌



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